Terms and conditions Beursman BV

Article 1  General provisions

1. These are the terms and conditions of Beursman BV, Smederijstraat 2, 4814 DB Breda, The Netherlands. Beursman BV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce with number: 65048180.

2. These terms and conditions are applicable to all free or paid services and information offered by Beursman BV.

3. The website beursman-etf.com is owned by Beursman BV and these terms and conditions apply to this website.

4. Beursman BV only supplies information, free or paid. Beursman BV does not give advice in any way whatsoever. Beursman BV does not buy or sell financial products, not for its own account nor for third parties. That is why Beursman BV is not under the auspices of AFM or the Nederlandse Bank.

5. Beursman BV gives investors, under their own name or an alias, the possibility to share their opinions on the website beursman-etf.com.


Article 2 Paid service

1. It is possible to look at the transactions of a investor through beursman-etf.com. One will receive an email when a transaction has taken place. Such a paid visitor is a customer.

2. There is a choice of 12 different groups. Per group one is able to choose among 2 terms: 6 months and 12 months. Package deals are possible with several groups and terms of 6 and 12 months.

3. There is NO AUTOMATIC RENEWAL of subscription. Whichever term you choose, when the term is concluded admission will stop automatically. Annulation on your part is not necessary.

4. After payment the customer will be admitted to view the transactions of the group chosen by the customer by means of a personal password and an attached account.

5. The discounts mentioned are based upon the price of a group per month.

6. Prices mentioned are VAT included and no further costs are added.

7. Before ordering and payment, potential customers are offered to view transactions older than 1 month for free so one is able to get a good impression of the service rendered.

8. A customer of beursman-etf.com is granted admission by means of a password to the shielded part of the website of beursman-etf.com. It is strictly forbidden to share this password with third parties. It is also prohibited to share information of the shielded part of the website with third parties. As a customer you will be granted a personal admission to the shielded part of the website. If a customer violates this rule this will lead to substantial damage on the part of Beursman BV. The financial damages, included juridical assistance costs, will be claimed on the customer or anyone who has had unrightfully access to this shielded information.

9. Reflection time. After ordering, customers have 14 days to change their mind. You can cancel your purchase during that time. By sending an e-mail to info@beursman.nl within 14 days after ordering, the full order amount can be reclaimed. The condition is that the customer has not logged into his / her account within those 14 days after ordering. After logging in, a customer had access to the information that we sell. After logging in, it is therefore no longer possible to request a refund.

10. By ordering and paying a service from Beursman BV one is bonded by an agreement between Beursman BV and the customer. Beursman BV is obliged to grant access to the service ordered by means of a password and Beursman BV will need to send an email if a transaction has taken place for the group where the customer has been granted access. The terms & conditions of Beursman BV are applicable to this agreement.


11. A subscription is personal. Only private persons can place an order.

Article 3  Intellectual property rights

1. All information and website copy on beursman-etf.com are owned by Beursman BV. This is also applicable to information and copy which is admitted by third parties under their own name or an alias. Beursman BV has an agreement with third parties that by publication on Beursman-etf.com all rights are passed to Beursman BV.

2. It is prohibited to share the paid or unpaid information or website copy from Beursman-etf.com. All information on Beursman-etf.com is meant for personal use only.

3. Beursman BV is entitled to paid damages and the cost of juridical assistance at each breach upon intellectual property rights. A perpetrator has to remind oneself that the damages for Beursman BV may be much higher than the financial gains of the perpetrator and that even without any personal financial gain for the perpetrator damages for Beursman BV may be just as high.


Article 4  No advice, but information

1. According to Dutch law and regulations there is a huge difference between investment advice and the supply of information about investing. Even if one has paid for information, this may not be regarded as advice.

2. Beursman BV is only sharing information through its website Beursman-etf.com, paid or unpaid. Nobody may ever derive rights from that.

3. Beursman BV is nog sharing advice about buying or selling anything. Beursman BV therefore is not giving advice about the purchase or sale of financial products on exchanges.

4. All website copy and other information on the website of Beursman-etf.com is explicitly meant to inform the visitor, paid or unpaid, for the service.

5. One is able to follow the transaction of an investor, paid or unpaid, on Beursman-etf.com. It is by no means the intention of Beursman BV to strictly follow and copy the purchases and sales. Every visitor of Beursman-etf.com and customer of Beursman BV has to make its own consideration and the risk he or she takes is his or her own risk. If a visitor of Beursman-etf.com thinks he or she is not capable of making one’s own decisions about investing one has to apply to an investment adviser. Beursman-etf.com may never be viewed of as a replacement of an investment adviser.

6. The information provided on Beursman-etf.com is never focused on the personal situation of a visitor or customer. All information is general and may not be suited for the personal financial situation of a visitor nor the investment behavior of a visitor or customer of Beursman BV.

Article 5  Personal data and privacy

1. A customer needs to supply some personal data. Beursman BV will handle this personal data carefully.

2. Beursman BV will provide a safe ordering situation through a SSL connection.

3. Beursman BV will never share or sell personal data to third parties for commercial reasons.

4. Personal data will be used exclusively by Beursman BV and shared to third parties if this is needed for executing the service ordered or if this is required by law.

5. Personal data will be stored by Beursman BV within a database which will be secured.

6. If an investor will share information, paid or unpaid, under a disguise such as, among others, Beursman, on Beursman-etf.com Beursman BV will respect this. The true name will not be disclosed by Beursman BV. Also customers of Beursman BV have no right to know who is behind the alias. The true name is only be known by Beursman BV.


Article 6  Liability

1. A visitor of Beursman-etf.com needs to realize that by investing one can obtain positive or negative results.

2. Beursman BV is by no means responsible for the investment result of a visitor of Beursman-etf.com or a customer of Beursman BV. Each visitor or customer, paid or unpaid, is fully responsible for the result of one’s investment portfolio and one cannot hold Beursman BV responsible for any damage or loss.

3. Beursman BV will do its best to share the right information on Beursman-etf.com. By no means will Beursman be held responsible whenever some information is wrong. All expectations and forecasts that are to be found at Beursman-etf.com are made with care but they will not have to materialize and Beursman BV cannot be held responsible for if they do not materialize. It may happen that some information on Beursman-etf.com has become dated or obsolete as markets move constantly. Beursman BV is not libel to this dated or obsolete information. It is upon each visitor or customer to check all information from another source.

4. Beursman BV is not libel to damages if the website Beursman-etf.com or the email service is not functioning or malfunctioning.

5. Beursman BV will do its utmost to keep the website Beursman-etf.com accessible. Despite that, it may occur that the website Beursman-etf.com is temporarily inaccessible. Beursman BV will not be libel to any damage which may be caused by inaccessibility of Beursman-etf.com.


Article 7  Illegal admission

1. Everyone who has gained access in an illegal manner to the public or shielded part of Beursman-etf.com or other software or devices needed for Beursman-etf.com will be libel for all damages and cost of juridical assistance. This includes, but is not limited to, access to CMS, server, email provider and the execution of payments.

2. It is prohibited to log in or to view pages intended for paying customers via software, computer programs or any other system. Logging in and pages that can only be viewed after payment is only permitted for natural persons. In case of violation, your account can be closed. If Beursman BV has suffered damage, you must reimburse it.

Article 8  Brand names

1. Within the website Beursman-etf.com one can find many brand names and company names of brokers, providers and publishers of financial products, companies one is able to invest in and product descriptions of ETF’s. These brand names and company names do not belong to Beursman BV, nor is Beursman cooperating with the companies that are holders of these brand names or company names.


Article 9  Cookies

1. Beursman BV may use the possibilities Google AdWords offers in advertising. For this purpose cookies may be placed.

2. If advertising takes place for Beursman-etf.com and cookies will be placed than this will be mentioned.

3. Data assembled by cookies will not be traceable on a personal level for Beursman BV.


Article 10  Legal validity

1. If 1 or more provisions in these Terms & Conditions will be invalid in any way whatsoever, then all other provisions, terms and conditions will remain active.


Article 11  Scope of these terms and conditions

1. These terms and conditions are applicable for everyone who is visiting the website Beursman-etf.com. Included are all visitors that visit the free part of the website and customers/visitors that are visiting the paid part of the website.

2. The terms and conditions are applicable to each agreement with Beursman BV.

3. Deviation of these terms and conditions is only possible by a written consent between parties.


Article 12  Applicable law

1. Dutch law is applicable, both on agreements entered with Beursman BV, the website Beursman-etf.com as well as concerning these terms and conditions.

2. The terms and conditions are available for inspection when entering an agreement with Beursman BV. At your request Beursman BV can send a copy of these terms and conditions. You will also find the terms and conditions on Beursman-etf.com.