Growth ETF

The central theme of this ETF is growth. Of course growth is not a market sector but I decided to mention it here as this growth ETF encompasses all US companies. 

Vanguard Growth ETF

This Vanguard Growth ETF is tracking the CRSP US Large Cap Growth index. You will find stocks of fast and semi-fast growing companies in this ETF. In total more than 360 shares are included in this growth ETF.

These companies are active in a variety of industries. The largest industry is the consumer goods and services sector which is weighed at 30%.

Apple is leading the companies included with a share of 7%. But you will also find Google, Coca Cola, Disney and Facebook. This particular growth ETF is a very interesting one for a long-term investor. Dividends are being paid out ever quarter.

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Vanguard Growth ETF info:


ETF provider: Vanguard

Ticker: VUG

ISIN: US9229087369

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: Nyse Arca