US Real Estate ETF

This ETF is the US real estate ETF. It would be obvious that this real estate ETF consists of shares of American real estate companies, but that would be too simple for the American way of thinking. Real estate companies have a particular status in the US, namely a REIT. 

A REIT or Real Estate Investment Trust develops, owns and manages all sorts of real estate. REITs invest in commercial and residential real estate: offices, hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, apartments, everything is possible. 

Another way of looking at a REIT is to see it as a real estate investment fund. A REIT may have a quotation at the stock exchange but it is not necessary. 

iShares US Real Estate ETF

Within this US real estate ETF you will only find publicly traded REITs of course. There are many rules and regulations concerning REIT’s. One of its rules is that a REIT is obliged to pay out 90% of its profits into dividends.

This iShares US Real Estate ETF is tracking the Dow Jones US Real Estate index. In total it includes approximately 120 shares of US REITs of which Simon Property Group REIT is the largest. American Tower REIT Corp is second with a 5% share, followed by Public Storage REIT with a share of a little less than 4%.

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iShares U.S. Real Estate ETF info:


ETF provider: iShares (BlackRock)

Ticker: IYR

ISIN: US4642877397

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca