Financial Services ETF

Within this financial services ETF you will find many financial service companies but no banks. Banks are included in a different ETF. 

The companies included in this ETF are financial service providing businesses which is a very broad definition of course. You will find the German Stock Exchange included but also investment companies like 3i Group and Groupe Bruxelles Lambert. 

The companies included in this financial services ETF are very stable and sound, they know their business in running a clean and solid financial policy. It will take a major financial crisis to topple this ETF. Large economic market changes may also influence this financial services ETF. 

Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Financial Services UCITS ETF

This Lyxor Financial Services ETF is tracking the STOXX Europe 600 Financial Services Net Return index.

There are 31 companies included here with Deutsche Boerse and Investor AB as the leading ones with a share of 10% each. The London Stock Exchange comes in third with a share of 12%.

The geographical spread is as follows: the UK has a 45% share, Sweden is second with a 20% share and Germany is the third largest provider of companies here with a 12% share.

Mind currency fluctuations as the British Pound has a weighing of more than 50% in this financial services ETF. Euro quotations only count for a 25% share, so beware of this!

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Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Financial Services UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: Lyxor (Societe Generale)

Ticker: FIN

ISIN: FR0010345363

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Euronext Parijs

This Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 Financial Services UCITS ETF has quotations on different exchanges and is known under several ticker symbols. As long as the ISIN number is identical you are dealing with the same ETF.