The AEX is a weighted index meaning that not all shares are weighted evenly. The larger their market capitalization the larger their weight in the AEX. Royal Dutch Shell and Unilever for instance take already up 15% each of the AEX.

ING is good for 10% and Philips and ASML complete the Top 5 with each scoping up 5% of this weighted AEX stock index. The remaining 20 stocks will have an impact on the AEX but it is a relatively small one as they count for less than 50% in this index.

A large increase or decline of one of the Top 5 stocks already has seen the AEX run a different course than that of similar market indexes within Europe on the same day. On the other hand, it is also a comforting thought that the AEX is largely supported by these 5 magnificent companies.

VanEck Vectors AEX UCITS ETF

The AEX is the major stock index of The Netherlands consisting of the 25 shares with the highest market capitalization on the Amsterdam Euronext stock exchange.

One of the major reasons is that I prefer to hold a spread in ETF providers as large as possible.

The VanEck Vectors AEX ETF is a physical ETF which implies that Think is actually buying the underlying shares. The exchange traded Binckbank by the way is one of Think’s major shareholders so I am pretty confident about this provider.

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VanEck Vectors AEX UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: VanEck

Ticker: TDT

ISIN: NL0009272749

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Euronext Amsterdam