India Earnings ETF

This is not really a market sector but it is a regional ETF with some requirements that have to be met to be included in this Indian Earnings ETF. 

The first requirement of course is that all companies must come from India. The second one is that the shares of these Indian companies may be bought by foreign investors. 

The most important reason why I have included this India earnings ETF is however the third requirement which stipulates that every single company must be profitable. 

So you will end up with an ETF that includes Indian companies that are profitable. With this earnings ETF you have access to the top segment of Indian companies and that makes it a very interesting one to invest in. 

WisdomTree India Earnings Fund ETF

This WisdomTree India Earnings ETF is tracking the WisdomTree India Earnings index. Generally speaking about 300 companies are included which allows for a nice spread. Each single company has a low weighing.

The spread among market sectors is very positive. You will get about 20 market sectors in this India earnings ETF. The largest market sector in banks with a share of 20%.

The software and services is following with an 18% share. Housing Development & Finance is the third largest sector with a weighing of 5%. This Indian ETF is paying dividends on a quarterly basis. 

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WisdomTree India Earnings Fund ETF info:


ETF provider: WisdomTree

Ticker: EPI

ISIN: US97717W4226

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca