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As the word “sustainable” is more of a catchall term it is difficult to explain what belongs to it and what does not. Let’s say that sustainable companies in this sustainable ETF tend to treat Mother Earth and all up or in it with more respect than other companies.

But sometimes I have some doubts about all these companies that claim to supply sustainable goods and services whereas the reality is different.

Think Sustainable World UCITS ETF

A sustainable ETF from Holland. Think will only adopt companies in its own Think Sustainable World Index when they have been approved by a research bureau. But I must confess that by looking at the list of companies included here I find many companies that are not the forerunners in sustainability.

Maybe they are a bit more sustainable than their market colleagues but that’s it then. On the other hand there are many fine companies included. You will get 250 stocks of sustainable companies.

These businesses originate from the US, Europe and Asia. Each continent may be weighed at a maximum of 40% which is the share scooped up by the US. Japan is weighed at 17% and the UK at 7%.

Looking at market sectors the financial sector is dominating here with 25%. Consumer goods is second with 19% and technology is third with 15%. Looking at individual stocks there are no large differences in weighing.

You will find companies included such as Starbucks, Nike, Heinz, Facebook, Mastercard and Intel. It is a physical ETF so Think is buying the underlying shares.

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Think Sustainable World UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: Think ETF

Ticker: TSWE

ISIN: NL0010408704

Currency: Euro

Exchange: Euronext Amsterdam