World financials ETF

During and shortly after the credit crisis this financial market sector was facing serious challenges but these difficult times are behind them. Today the financials are on a path of swift and solid recovery so you may anticipate better results and higher prices.

On the other hand, not all danger has disappeared. Although things have definitely improved the sector still is on weaker knees than some decades ago.

Interest rates have been extremely low for the last couple of years and they have gotten enormous support from central banks. The big question remains what will happen when interest rates go up and the safeguarding of central banks will come to a halt.

Amundi MSCI World Financials UCITS ETF

This Amundi World Financials ETF is tracking the MSCI World Financials ETF. Within this world financials ETF you will find 300 large financial companies from all corners of the world. Of course you will find many large banks in this financials ETF but also some other financial companies such as Warren Buffet’s Berkshire Hathaway.

In this particular world financials ETF Wells Fargo and JP Morgan Chase are leading the pack with a 4% share each. Bank of America and Citigroup are number 3 and 4 with a share of slightly less than 3% each.

Looking at its geographical spread the United States dominates with a 45% weighing. Japan and the United Kingdom have a 8% share each. Then you will find Canada and Australia with slightly more than 6%. 

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Amundi ETF MSCI World Financials UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: Amundi

Ticker: CWF

ISIN: FR0010791152

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Euronext Parijs

This Amundi ETF MSCI World Financials UCITS ETF has quotations on different exchanges and is known under several ticker symbols. As long as the ISIN number is identical you are dealing with the same ETF.