How to buy an ETF?

Whenever I see a buying opportunity for a particular ETF I will have to look this ETF up with a broker. That may already be a difficult task as many brokers are not that user friendly in giving the right description of that ETF.

To make things worse you will notice that most ETF’s have quotations on different exchanges. I will always indicate which exchange is favorable for me according to market volume. But you can buy the same ETF at a different exchange (but mind the different currencies).

An ETF is indicated by its ticker name. But only looking at the ticker name will also be the cause of some confusion as most ETF’s have different ticker names. It is much easier to look at the ISIN number, this ISIN number must be right or we are talking about different ETF’s.

I advise you to put the ETF’s you are interested in among your favorites with the broker you are dealing with (I did this for my 137 ETF’s). Then you can trade much swifter whenever an opportunity arises.

At the moment I executed a transaction I will put this directly on this website with: buying date, ETF description, provider of the ETF, ticker name, ISIN number, the exchange I made the transaction on and the currency I traded. I will also give some notes about why I decided to make this transaction.

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