Amundi ETF, the leading European ETF provider

Amundi is a relatively newcomer on the ETF market. Established only in 2010 it has grown into the leading European asset management company. In the ETF market they have established themselves as an innovative provider of ETF’s with a focus on Europe but widening its scope to other regions as well.

A short history of Amundi ETF

Amundi has come forth as an offspring from both Credit Agricole and Société Générale, 2 large French financial institutions. In 2010 both French banks decided to combine their individual asset management operations in 1 single company, Amundi. With a large IPO on the Paris exchanges the company was off for a rocket start.

In the years after its creation Amundi steadily growth to become one of the leading asset management firms in Europe. Simultaneously Amundi began to explore the ETF market by creating new ETF’s centered around European markets and countries.

The acquisition of Pioneer Investments

Established in 1928 Pioneer Investments was a leading asset management company owned by the Italian banking conglomerate UniCredit. With more than 2.000 employees and a total AUM (Assets Under Management) of 230 Billion Euro it was a global investment company but not a large one compared to the American giants.

In a complicated story involving Banco Santander, Warburg Pincus and General Atlantic eventually the company was sold to Amundi in December 2016. This spearheaded Amundi in becoming the number 1 leading European asset manager. Although ETF’s were not part of the Pioneer Investments model the acquisition of Pioneer may well lead into more the creation of new ETF’s.

With a larger financial group and a new allocation of personnel Amundi will have enough power to pursuit its goals and the ETF market will most certainly be part of Amundi’s market growth.

Focus of Amundi ETF’s

Today Amundi has more than 1.3 Trillion Euro of assets under management including the ETF’s managed. Their main focus is Europe and Asia but growth is also coming from the Middle East and the large US market. In total Amundi offers employment to more than 5.000 financial specialists based in 37 countries.

The initial focus of the ETF’s Amundi offers has always been Europe. They still are very strong in regional ETF’s within the EU but they are expanding rapidly to other regional ETF’s. Asia Pacific and Emerging markets are covered more and more by specific ETF’s that cater to their international clientele. Read more...

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