Brazil Consumer ETF

Brazil has been a country of wonderful growth for years. Today this wonder has ceased to manifest. But that does not mean that this Brazil consumer ETF does not offer opportunities anymore to the savvy investor. 

Prudence is called for of course. Brazil has always been a country where ups and downs are the status quo of life. Of course consumer spending is also hit in this downturn but the consumer goods industry is not suffering that hard. 

A large part of consumer goods just are needed in everyday life. Many consumer goods manufacturers are able to present nice profits by just trimming costs. 

During an economic downturn it may be very interesting to invest in this market sector as things can go better with just a minor improvement of the economy. But a well-timed entry is needed. 

Global X Brazil Consumer ETF

This Global X Brazil Consumer ETF is tracking the Solactive Brazil Consumer Index. With this Brazil consumer ETF you will get more than 35 Brazilian consumer goods stocks from a variety of industries.

Manufacturers of food, drinks and tobacco dominate other market sectors with a share of 30%. A share of 15% is taken up by supermarkets. A 12% share is gobbled up by companies that offer a myriad of services to consumers.

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Global X Brazil Consumer ETF info:


ETF provider: Global X

Ticker: BRAQ

ISIN: US37950E8460

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca