China Real Estate ETF

With this China real estate ETF you can invest in both Chinese and Hong Kong real estate. The Chinese real estate market is infamous for its bubbles so stay alert with this real estate ETF. 

In China complete ghost towns have been built. Hong Kong of course is an entirely different story. By shortage of enough building space there is a physical limit in building new apartments, offices or shopping malls. 

But here the prices have gone through the roof which in itself is a major risk. Having said that I believe it is wrong to merely focus on the negative aspects of the Chinese and Hong Kong real estate market. 

In the long run Chinese growth will prevail. Having a couple of ghost towns will not change that perspective and Hong Kong will remain an attractive regional economic power. 

The aforementioned negative aspects will cause some major dips in the prices of real estate (and in this Chinees real estate ETF) but getting in at the right moment will deliver fine results (and do not forget to exit as timely as the market will stay very bumpy). 

Guggenheim China Real Estate ETF

This Guggenheim China Real Estate ETF is tracking the AlphaShares China Real Estate Index. You will not only find stocks of real estate companies in this Chinees ETF, there are also a number of REIT’s (a real estate investment trust which enables you to directly invest in the building itself).

In total some 50 companies and REIT’s are included in this China real estate ETF. 60% originates from Hong Kong and 40% from Mainland China.

The Top 3 of companies are CK Hutchison Holdings with a share of 8%, China Overseas Land & Invest with a 6% share and HongKong Land Holdings with a 5% share. 

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Guggenheim China Real Estate ETF info:


ETF provider: Guggenheim

Ticker: TAO

ISIN: US18383Q8612

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca