Group I: Emerging Markets sector ETF's

Emerging markets have been very hot indeed in the last couple of years but things have cooled down a bit today. But that does not mean that they still can be very attractive for keen investors.

Precisely because some investors turned their back towards emerging markets nice buying opportunities lure. Especially when we are zooming in on specific emerging market sectors some very interesting opportunities become visible.

But that being said, we must be cautious in our actions. I myself follow 4 market sectors from emerging markets on a daily basis + 1 high dividend emerging markets ETF and 1 low volatility emerging markets ETF. You will find them here.

SPDR S&P Emerging Markets Dividend UCITS ETF

In this ETF you will find more than 100 stocks from emerging markets that still are able to pay a more than average dividend. The market spread is wide with over 15 countries and many market sectors. When the global economy will pick up this ETF has lots of opportunities to offer. Read more...

iShares MSCI Emerging Markets Minimum Volatility UCITS ETF

The 250 shares in this ETF are reacting less than other stocks if prices are going down. Here too the spread is great with 18 countries and 10 different market sectors. This is your ETF if you want to invest in emerging markets without taking too much risk. Read more...

DB X-trackers MSCI Emerging Markets Healthcare Index UCITS ETF

When personal income in emerging markets is rising then health care spending will rise too. But there is a delay. This ETF may expectto profit of many years of steady growth. More than 30 companies are in this ETF operating from 10 different countries. Read more...

Columbia Emerging Markets Consumer ETF

As consumers in emerging markets are getting more and more purchasing power turnovers and profits will rise for consumer goods suppliers. You will find 30 stocks of companies originating from 11 countries. There is an equal spread among goods and services. Read more...

iShares Emerging Markets Infrastructure UCITS ETF

There is no solid emerging market without an improving infrastructure. Every successful emerging market economy is investing in infrastructure but of course it comes at a cost. In this ETF you will find 30 stocks from publicly traded companies in energy, transportation and utilities divided into 9 countries. Read more...

Global X Brazil Consumer ETF

There a big ups and downs in the Brazilian economy. Consumer goods businesses do not suffer much in a declining economy and they offer good opportunities. You will get more than 35 companies in this ETF from different sorts of market sectors. Read more...

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