US Dividend ETF

Of course high dividend is not a market sector. As this particular US dividend ETF is a very interesting one I decided to put it right here all the same.  

Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF

This Vanguard US High Dividend ETF is tracking the FTSE High Dividend Yield index. In total you will find 430 different US shares within this high dividend ETF. Of course only high dividend paying companies are included here.

Besides its obvious advantage of including only companies with a more than average amount of paid out dividends this US dividend ETF incorporates another advantage. Dividends act as a real magnet for long-term investors and these investors tend not to exit when things get a bit bad which makes this dividend ETF a very stable one.

The other side of the same medal is that great entry points are rare. You will almost need a severe market correction to be able to enter this US dividend ETF on a sound basis.

In the months after a correction this high dividend ETF will perform almost always among the very best. Within this Vanguard ETF you will encounter many different market sectors. The spread and balance between market sectors is very good though.

Consumer goods and the financial sector are the biggest here with a share of 15% each. Then you will find health care with a 12% share, the same share as the technology sector.

Looking at individual companies Exxon Mobil is leading the pack here, followed by Microsoft and Wells Fargo.

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Vanguard High Dividend Yield ETF info:


ETF provider: Vanguard

Ticker: VYM

ISIN: US9219464065

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: Nyse Arca