US telecom ETF

First the telecommunications industry has gotten a firm boost of the mobile telephone revolution. Then mobile internet came along and boosted this market again. That being said, the cable in the American soil is still dominating data transmission in the US. 

I am still rather positive for this US telecom ETF. The largest chunk of investments in this industry are behind us. With less costs and still more customers to serve the business model is looking better and better. 

Add to that the growing number of mobile applications and this market has a strong tail wind to go by. The major drawback will be a price war which seems inevitable in the US telecom market. 

Mergers and acquisitions are also expected as smaller telecom companies will not be able to survive an onslaught in price competition. Looking at this market in a longer time frame I think we can say that it all looks solid and sound. Finding the right entry point will be the major challenge. 

iShares US Telecommunications ETF

This iShares US Telecom ETF is tracking the Dow Jones US Select Telecommunications Index. There are only 25 telecommunications companies included in this telecom ETF. The largest ones are AT&T and Verizon with a share of 10% each. T Mobile US is third with a 65 share.

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iShares U.S. Telecommunications ETF info:


ETF provider: iShares (BlackRock)

Ticker: IYZ

ISIN: US4642877132

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: Nyse Arca