Utilities ETF

Of course one would not expect a very tumultuous ride here, utility companies in general perform very predictable and persistently. The exception may be when takeovers occur.

That being said, they offer a nice investment for anyone with a long term perspective. Finding the right entry point however is the real challenge here as you will not find many sharp declines in this utilities ETF.

Lyxor MSCI World Utilities TR UCITS ETF

This Lyxor World Utilities ETF tracks the MSCI World Utilities index.

You will find approximately 80 worldwide utility companies in the MSCI World Utilities index and its underlying ETF. National Grid and Duke Energy are the largest companies here with a 5% share each. Nextera Energy is tailing them with a near 5% share.

The geographical spread is dominated by the United States with a 50% weighing. The UK comes in second with a 10% share and then Spain and Japan will follow with a 7% share each.

The TR in this utilities ETF stand for Total Return which means that this ETF is a reinvestment fund and no dividends will be paid (but reinvested in this ETF). 

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Lyxor MSCI World Utilities TR UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: Lyxor (Societe Generale)

Ticker: UTIW

ISIN: LU0533034558

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Borsa Italiana

This Lyxor MSCI World Utilities TR UCITS ETF has quotations on different exchanges and is known under several ticker symbols. As long as the ISIN number is identical you are dealing with the same ETF.