First Trust

First Trust ETF – A short history

First Trust is America’s 6th largest ETF provider. With Assets Under Management of about 41 Billion Dollar they are by no means a large provider of Exchange Traded Funds. BlackRock and Vanguard overpower First Trust almost 20 times. But nevertheless they are an important ETF creator. Here we will share a short history of First Trust ETF’s.

First Trust Portfolios and First Trust Advisors

In 1991 the 2 company sisters First Trust Portfolios and First Trust Advisors were founded. The idea was that advising about investing and creating financial products to invest in could be mutually beneficial to First Trust and its customers. In those days ETF’s were not part of the game of course.

The major goal of First Trust was to establish long-term relationships with their professional and individual customers. That is why First Trust is committed to long term investments. Of course with the burgeoning of the ETF market this long term strategy is not always on the mind of the investor itself.

With ETF’s one can get in and out of the investment quickly. But it must be said, with the development of new ETF’s First Trust always has a mindset in creating ETF’s with a view on long term perspectives.

First Trust ETF main market focus

Based in Wheaton Illinois First Trust has its focus mainly on the US, Canada and Mexico. But First Trust ETF’s are also accessible through most major European brokers. It is a privately held company and has entered the ETF market in 2005. In recent years First Trust has expanded its market to Europe with the help of LGBR Capital, based in the UK.

When do I use First Trust ETF’s?

I must admit that within my portfolio of 137 ETF’s you will not find many First Trust ETF’s. But I am really fond of 2 specific ETF’s. One is the First Trust ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund ETF. It is an ETF that is tracking the global engineering and construction index.

Another one is the First Trust ISE Global Wind Energy Index Fund ETF. It is aimed at the wind energy market and I particularly like the spread and weighing of its underlying assets. You will find more than 40 wind energy companies included.

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