US Information Technology ETF

Information technology is still a young industry that 20 years ago wasn’t a glimpse of what it is today. Through the advance of the internet this US market sector has become huge and is now a dominating industry in our global economy. 

I myself regard the information technology industry as the most important for the future. Many investors are making a mistake thinking that the internet hype has gone away. 

Well, talking about the hype, they are right, but most applications and opportunities have not at all grown to maturity, there is still so much potential this information technology industry has to offer. 

Vanguard Information Technology ETF

This Vanguard Information Technology ETF is tracking the MSCI US Information Technology Index. More than 380 information technology stocks are incorporated in this information technology ETF.

You will find the usual suspects here like Apple, Microsoft, Google and Facebook but also many small IT companies from the US.

This market sector has had a history of an exploding bubble which made investors a bit wary of this industry. I think they are too prudent as I foresee very solid growth rates ahead.

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Vanguard Information Technology ETF info:


ETF provider: Vanguard

Ticker: VGT

ISIN: US92204A7028

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: Nyse Arca