ETF Securities

ETF Securities – The commodity and currency ETF provider

ETF Securities is a true innovator in ETF’s specialized in commodity and currency ETF’s (or commodity ETC’s and currency ETC’s to say it properly). The company was established in 2003 by Gary Tuckwell, an Australian investor with a background in commodities and gold mining.

ETF Securities created the first physical Gold ETF

In 2003 ETF Securities made a huge impact with the creation of the world’s first physical backed Gold ETF. It was introduced on the Australian stock exchange and it really opened up the world of commodity ETF’s.

Without any doubt one can say that the global ETF market has evolved from that moment in the professional market it is today. The vision of Gary Tuckwell lead to the development of many more commodity and currency ETF’s, not only by ETF Securities but also by competitors who entered the commodity ETF market since that moment.

Based in Jersey but a global scope as ETF provider

ETF Securities was founded on the isle of Jersey and since then it is still headquartered in this largest island of the Channel Islands. Why should a global ETF provider be based on such a small island. One reason is that Jersey has a long history as a base for investment firms and holding companies.

The infrastructure is already in place and many international private and business customers hold accounts in Jersey for tax reasons. Many financial experts are Jersey based which also makes it a fine pick to establish headquarters over there.

That being said, ETF Securities occupies larger offices in London, Hong Kong, New York and Sydney. It is by all means a real global provider of ETF’s with customers being served in all corners of the world.

A real leader in commodity and currency ETF’s

Although ETF Securities offers a wide range of ETF’s they are predominantly specialized in commodities and currencies. With their first physical Gold ETF they conquered the world which lead to the creation of other commodity ETF’s.

After gold and silver ETF Securities created many popular ETF’s in coffee, oil, natural gas, wheat and cotton. They also provide great market sector ETF’s within the mining sector. For me as an ETF investor I prefer the commodity and mining ETF’s from ETF Securities.

One of the major reasons is that they hold the underlying assets. As you know I am a real fan of physical ETF’s and ETF Securities provides just that. A second reason is the nice spread and balance within the ETF’s they provide.

For instance the DAX Global Mining Gold Miners ETF from ETF Securities offers a a great variety of major gold mines around the world.

ETF Securities is active on many major stock exchanges

Based in Europe ETF Securities offers their ETF’s on the major European exchanges such as London, Frankfurt, Euronext Paris and Amsterdam and Milan. They also provide access through the New York Stock Exchange, the ASX in Asia and the Mexican exchange.

This global spread adds to the global ambitions of ETF Securities. Commodity trading is a really global activity and the creation of ETF’s has added much value to the existing commodity and currency investors.

Pros and cons of ETF Securities

For me ETF Securities provides many of the best commodity ETF’s with a physical representation. That is why I included many ETF Securities ETF’s in my portfolio of 137 ETF’s I follow on a daily basis.

In many other markets ETF Securities does not provide the best mix of weighing and balances but that is not a problem, there are plenty of other ETF providers that fill the gap. Better to be excellent in 1 or 2 fields than mediocre in a wide range of ETF’s.

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