China Financials ETF

Within this China financials ETF you will find the major Chinese banks and insurance companies. Besides that you will encounter some investment companies, particularly real estate investors. 

The Chinese economy still is on a solid path to growth. The market for banks and insurance companies is growing similarly. But risks are incorporated in this industry. The banking sector has always been a bit overconfident. 

Be prepared for some major market corrections over time. In my view these hick-ups will not hinder the long term view of this market sector which remains very positive. 

That being said, this China financials ETF will cause you some headaches and sleepless nights once and a while. You really must actively manage this China financials ETF, entries and exits are crucial here but returns may be extremely high when you do it right. 

Global X China Financials ETF

This Global X China Financials ETF is tracking the Solactive China Financials Total Return Index. Some 45 companies are included of which the three biggest ones are China Construction Bank, Ind & Comm Bank of China and Bank of China, each weighed at 9%.

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Global X China Financials ETF info:


ETF provider: Global X

Ticker: CHIX

ISIN: US37950E6068

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca