Alternative Energy ETF

Alternative energy still is sustaining itself by the will of the public to diminish the emission of traditional energy sources. The price of alternative energy is in most cases still too high to really compete with traditional sources of energy.

So this alternative energy ETF thrives on government regulations and the will to make this world a cleaner one. As long as coal, gas and oil will be around this situation will stay more or less the same.

But in a time when governments are stepping up clean environment regulations this alternative energy industry will blossom. Growth is always the best scenario for investors so looking at it from this viewpoint things look sunny and bright. 

VanEck Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF

You will find all sorts of alternative energy in this VanEck Vectors Alternative Energy ETF. This VanEck Vectors ETF is tracking the Ardour Global Index Extra Liquid. More than 30 stocks are included.

Most companies (50%) originate from the US. Second comes in China with 12% and Denmark is third with 10%.

These companies are active in a wide array of activities such as bio fuels, wind and solar energy and hydro and geothermal sources. You will also find Tesla, manufacturer of electric cars, included. This alternative energy ETF is a physical one so VanEck Vectors has to buy the underlying stocks.

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VanEck Vectors Global Alternative Energy ETF info:


ETF provider: VanEck Vectors (Van Eck Global)

Ticker: GEX

ISIN: US92189F5026

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca