About Beursman

Of course Beursman is not my own name. I am an investor who is sharing my opinion on this website of Beursman BV. I prefer not to give my real name because of my activities in the financial world.

Since the 80’s I am trading at the exchanges as an individual. Later I have become active in the financial world. In the last couple of years I began specializing in trading ETF’s. As I am always pursuing my goal of making high returns at the lowest possible risk investing in ETF’s is precisely what I am looking for.

Beginning in ETF trading I quickly found out that trading ETF’s is a completely different ball game than investing in individual stocks or other financial products.

After a lot of trial and error trading and much experimenting I have developed my own trading system based upon ETF trading. My system is a variable weighed probability calculation.

Here I will explain how I buy and sell ETF’s.

There are more than 3.500 different ETF’s, really much too much to follow on a regular basis. What I wanted was a clear ETF overview that gave me the ability to invest as broadly as possible.

After many months of searching and reviewing I have selected 137 ETF’s that I put into 12 groups. I will not always have a position in all these ETF’s but I follow them intensely looking for buying opportunities.

You can follow all my ETF purchases and sales on this website. For each of the 12 groups you will find a separate page where you can find all my transactions. I am active in both short term and long term transactions.

With my short term transactions I try to obtain a return of 21%. More info. With my long term transactions I try to get an annual return of 10%. More info. You may view all my transactions older than 1 month for free. Click here.

For a fee you can follow my transactions directly. Per ETF group you are able to see my current transactions + you will receive an email at the moment a transaction has been completed.

For a good spread it will be necessary to invest in several groups at the same time. For that purpose I have made specific packages for special prices comprising 3 or 5 groups. Professional investors can buy all 12 groups at a major discount.

About Beursman BV

Welcome to the website of Beursman BV. My name is Frank Haarman, owner and director of Beursman BV. The mission of Beursman BV is to provide investors with as much possible information about investing and trading ETF’s so investors may be able to improve their investing skills.

I came up with the idea of this website. I did put a team together with IT and internet marketing people and a professional investor who we gave the name "Beursman".

Within this website you will find a lot of background information about ETF trading. Beursman BV tries to give as much information about past results as possible. That is why every website visitor may look into all transactions older than 1 month.

The future of Beursman BV

In the course of 2017 and 2018 we will establish more branches in European countries. Every country will run its proper website just as the one you are looking at.

On behalf of the Beursman team we hope you will enjoy the benefits of this website and we wish you all the best in investing.

Director Frank Haarman

Beursman BV

Smederijstraat 2


The Netherlands