Healthcare Providers ETF

This US healthcare providers ETF includes American Healthcare companies. As you know medical costs in the US are extremely expensive. In such an environment it should not be difficult for companies to make nice profits which they do. But the main question remains whether it will all be sustainable. 

Of course Obamacare caused a major shift in the system by introducing a compulsory health insurance. But still there is a growing tension in the world, especially in the United States, to pay for the rising cost of health care and the limited financial resources of the public. 

On the other hand people are getting older and older so this market will not collapse all of a sudden. Getting in this Healthcare Providers ETF at the right moment will be crucial and it will provide for long term results. 

iShares US Healthcare Providers ETF

This iShares Healthcare Providers ETF is tracking the Dow Jones US Select Healthcare Providers Index. Slightly more than 50 companies are included in this ETF. These companies may be divided in 3 subsectors.

Of course healthcare insurance companies are the largest subsector. The diagnostics subsector is another important part of this ETF followed by the treatment companies.

The company with the biggest share in this Healthcare Providers ETF is UnitedHealth with a share of 13%. Express Scripts Holding comes in second with a 8% share followed by Aetna with a 6% share.

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iShares U.S. Healthcare Providers ETF info:


ETF provider: iShares (BlackRock)

Ticker: IHF

ISIN: US4642888287

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca