China Industrials ETF

This ETF is the Chinese industrial ETF. Of course Industry is one of China’s major market sectors. The reason for that is not only because China is one of the world’s largest economies, it also is exporting nation number 1. 

A large part of everything that is made in China will find its way to countries across the globe. Today exports are a little bit under pressure which is not only a consequence of a global economy that is faltering. 

As is always the case with countries that start as a low wages exporting nation, eventually this will lead to higher wages and prices. Competing solely on the basis of a low end price will not be possible so China has to look for value adding products that merit a higher price. 

But such a process will take time. In my opinion I still foresee a long term growth for China’s Industry but there are challenges to be met, that is for sure. 

Global X China Industrials ETF

This Global X China Industrials ETF is tracking the Solactive China Industrials Total Return Index.

Within this China industrials ETF slightly more than 40 shares of publicly traded Chinese companies are included of which CRRC Corp is the dominating one with a 7% share. Byd Company comes in second with a 6% share followed by Zhuzhou CSR Times Elec with a share of 5%.

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Global X China Industrials ETF info:


ETF provider: Global X

Ticker: CHII

ISIN: US37950E7058

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca