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Do it yourself investing in ETF's with the information of Beursman

Due to the low cost of online brokers and vast opportunities of online investing more and more investors take matters into their own hands. Especially ETF trading is gaining in popularity, and with a reason. The mission of Beursman is to offer these do-it-yourself investors useful information. Here you can follow short term and long term ETF transactions of Beursman.

I invest in 137 ETF’s

While investing in ETF’s I  make use of the following ETF providers: iShares, ETF Securities, Think, Vanguard, Lyxor, Amundi, Theam Easy, HSBC, DB X-trackers, SPDR, Global X, KraneShares, VanEck Vectors, First Trust, Guggenheim, Columbia and Wisdom Tree.

I exclusively trade and invest in ETF’s. Trading ETF’s is much easier and less risky than investing in individual stocks. With a limited risk investors are able to obtain high returns in ETF trading. I myself trade 137 different ETF’s which I have divided in 12 groups. Within group A you will find index ETF’s and then there are 11 more groups of different ETF’s. For a good annual return you will need to invest in ETF’s among 3 to 5 groups. You are free to pick your favorite group of ETF’s of which you can follow my ETF purchases and sales. All ETF's have an ISIN number.