iShares ETF strenghts

As the world’s leading ETF provider it goes without saying that iShares lists many popular ETF’s investors love trading. Of course there is always an “egg or hen” effect with market leaders. Whenever iShares issues a new ETF they have the power to promote it like no one else can.

But that is only one part of the story. iShares has not made it to the absolute number 1 in the global ETF market without issuing really well-balanced ETF’s that earn their popularity based upon their own merits. Here we will get into the strengths of iShares ETF’s.

Advantages of iShares ETF’s

Trading ETF’s has many advantages over other investment products. But within the world of ETF’s there also are differences between ETF providers. iShares offers many advantages due to its market size and trade volumes. Here we will discuss the strength of iShares as an ETF provider.

1. Reducing risks through physical ETF’s

iShares offers both physical and synthetic ETF’s but the most important iShares ETF’s are physical. With a physical ETF iShares is buying the underlying asset. With synthetic ETF’s they use swaps and other financial products to gauge the value of the underlying assets.

Physical ETF’s are more transparent and they offer less risk than synthetic ETF’s. iShares offers most of their popular ETF’s in physical ETF’s and this is a real advantage.

2. High turnover and low spreads with iShares

Trading in iShares ETF’s is intense. Daily volumes of some iShares ETF’s may run into 30 Million a day. The advantage of such high turnovers is a ready market. You can buy or sell an iShares ETF swiftly and spreads are low, a considerable advantage upon ETF’s with a low turnover.

3. Wide choice of ETF’s

iShares offers ETF’s by industry or market sector, region, all types of commodities and precious metals and a wide choice of market indices from all over the world. Within each sector they provide well-balanced ETF’s with on average high turnovers and low spreads.

So you can build your own diversified portfolio through 1 single ETF provider. That does not mean you should do that of course, but it is possible with iShares.

4. The backup of BlackRock

iShares cannot afford to fall short on customer expectations, that comes with being a market leader. The support of BlackRock as its parent company adds significantly to that fact.

The same goes for the development of new ETF’s and managing existing ones. The professional level of iShares and BlackRock is on such a high level that one expects only the best, and they are for sure able to deliver upon these expectations.

5. iShares ETF’s offered by many brokers in the world

iShares ETF’s are offered by a large variety of brokers from all over the world. This availability also leads to the high turnover and low spreads we have discussed earlier.

The global approach of iShares

BlackRock and iShares have a really global investment mindset. For ETF’s this a big plus. ETF’s are by far the best financial instrument to use to diversify your investments in many world regions.

iShares offers ETF’s for every financial region in the world whether it be large regions such as South America, Asia and Africa or smaller regions such as Eastern Europe or single countries such as Brazil or Taiwan.

This broad approach opened up the global investment world for many individual investors who would otherwise find it almost impossible to invest in some regions. iShares has been the leading force in providing many regional ETF’s and specific ETF’s by industry or sector.

The future of iShares ETF’s

The world of ETF trading is constantly on the move. In this rapidly growing market new ETF’s are created on a daily basis. What can we expect from iShares? One thing will be the creation of more synthetic ETF’s. Another will be the creation of more sub-regional ETF’s and emerging markets ETF’s in specific market sectors.

The future of investing lies in establishing new investment niches and ETF’s are the perfect means of materializing these markets for a large audience. Without any doubt iShares will be leading the way towards new ETF’s created to cater to specific needs of investors worldwide.

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