ETF broker

It is impossible to buy an ETF directly on the exchanges. If you want to invest or trade in ETF’s you will have to do this through a broker. In the past most people went to their local bank to buy or sell financial products, but that is not the most practical way of investing.

Although I still hear from people who exclusively invest through their bank. Why is this? Because it is easy or do they trust banks more than other financial players? I sincerely don’t know this, but in my opinion it is a mistake.

Thanks to the internet, the choice in specialized brokers is enormous. Besides better tariffs these brokers offer also more information and tools and you can use both to take positions swiftly at low costs with all the information at hand.

How to choose the best broker when you want to invest in ETF’s? You can only look at costs and pick the broker with the lowest tariffs. Other investors put reliability on the top of their list and they will choose a broker that will manage their money 100% safely.

All these brokers offer great websites with superb tools. But one website is more practical for you than another. It all depends on what you want. The website of a broker should fit your needs of trading.

For myself it is very important that a broker will be able to offer all the products I want to trade. Especially in trading ETF’s this is an important point to take in as the number of ETF’s available is enormous and most brokers only select a limited part of these ETF’s.

That is one of the main reasons I work with several brokers. Spreading among brokers also makes sense in not putting your eggs in only 1 basket. Online brokers are still improving their offers and prices are also still in a declining spiral so it would be difficult to elaborate on individual brokers as things may be different tomorrow.

Still I discuss some important brokers here to give an impression about the differences between them.

Summary ETF brokers

Binck ETF broker

Binck is market leader in The Netherlands. They are not the cheapest broker of The Netherlands but they offer some important advantages that I will explain. I will explain why I myself am a customer of Binck and what I am doing to limit the higher costs as much as possible. Read more...

DeGiro ETF broker

Really low prices at DeGiro. The cheapest broker with a bit less service and attire but they really suit my style of trading. You will read how I profit of their low prices while limiting my risk. Read more...

Saxo Bank ETF broker

Saxo Bank is a large broker with many perks. The have an awarded website and many tools and technics are available. You will also find an enormous offer of different ETF’s. Some niche ETF’s you will not encounter with other brokers are here to be found. I will explain why I am not exclusively trading with Saxo Bank. Read more...

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