China Internet ETF

Here we are discussing the Chinese internet ETF. This particular internet ETF differs slightly from the formerly discussed Guggenheim China Technology ETF which also is focused on the internet. 

As the internet in China is a very important market sector with huge opportunities I have decided to follow them both. China is still being underestimated. The western world is not really able to grasp the scale of the changing world. 

The internet is again a nice example of how prosperous things are going in China. When we are talking about internet technology the United States is still the leading country. But when we are looking at internet usage the Americans are already way behind. 

Still only half of China’s population is active on the internet but we are already speaking about 600 million users, compared to the 250 million users in the US. In the US about 1% of all consumer goods bought is done through the internet. 

In China this percentage is 4 times larger with 4% of all goods bought online. The major part of online purchases in Europe and the US is done through laptops and desktops whereas in China 85% is done through mobile devices. 

Literally the Chinese are walking around with a buy button in their trousers. They skipped the phase of fun shopping in shopping malls and plunge right away in online shopping. I am expecting a lot from this China internet ETF. But bubbles and corrections will take place as they are just normal in high growth sectors. 

KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF

You will find about 55 shares of Chinese internet companies in this Kraneshares China Internet ETF. Tencent Holdings is number one here with a 10% share. Alibaba is second with 9% and third is Ctrip Int’l with almost 8%.

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KraneShares CSI China Internet ETF info:


ETF provider: KraneShares (Krane Funds Advisors)

Ticker: KWEB

ISIN: US5007673065

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: Nasdaq