Global engineering and construction ETF

The focus of this global engineering and construction ETF are large companies that are active in infrastructure, building and engineering and designing of large technical installations.

All these companies are heavily depended on market conditions. They need a considerable growth of the global economy to prosper. If a slight downturn occurs these companies will be affected directly.

If, however, the outlook of the global economy looks bright these companies will prosper and this will be an entry point for this particular global engineering and construction ETF.

First Trust ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund ETF

This First Trust global ETF is tracking the ISE worldwide engineering and construction index.

Within this Engineering and Construction ETF you will find approximately 60 companies included. There is no single company that dominates this global ETF. The largest share is for Vinci with a share of nearly 4%. Number 2 and 3 are Taisei and Obayashi, for most investors these names do not resonate I believe.

Looking at the geographical spread of this ETF Japan is the leading country here with a 25% share. The US comes in second with a 20% share. France and Spain are good for 10% each. The Netherlands is fifth with a share of 7% (mainly due to Boskalis Westminster and BAM).

A striking fact is that Germany has not made the Top 10. Digging a little deeper in this geographical spread one may conclude that this ETF is very depended on companies from countries that have not been doing that well in recent years.

Another way of looking at this observation is that this global engineering and construction ETF may rise sharply when the global economy is stepping up its growth rate. That will be a very nice moment for entering this ETF. By the way, this First Trust global ETF has a quotation at the American exchange so it is priced in Dollars.

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First Trust ISE Global Engineering and Construction Index Fund ETF info:


ETF provider: First Trust

Ticker: FLM

ISIN: US33736M1036

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca VS