Currency ETF. Euro or Dollar?

I deliberately chose to trade ETF’s in only 2 currencies. If it was up to me, coming from The Netherlands, I would prefer to trade only in Euro’s. But then I would miss out on many interesting ETF’s which are exclusively quoted in Dollars.

For many individual investors who need to invest during evening hours choosing Dollar ETF’s isn’t that bad at all as they can trade real-time on the American exchanges. But if you are not a US citizen you will have to deal with currency issues of course.

With all brokers I know of you can trade with a Dollar account and put an amount of Dollars on that account. Changing your money back to Euro’s isn’t very practical so it is a better idea to leave a certain amount of dollars on that account.

You even will be able to make an extra return by changing from Dollars to Euro’s at the right time or lessening or increasing the amount of Dollars you have on this Dollar account.

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