China Materials ETF

This ETF is the Chinese materials ETF. What kind of materials are we talking about here? Half of all materials are materials such as metals and raw materials from mining. The Chemical market sector takes up 30% of this China materials ETF and 20% is scooped up by building materials. 

China is a large and growing economy. Now and then one might expect that this growth engine will sputter but in the long run the Chinese engine will keep on going so I am very positive about China in general. 

It is obvious that companies included in this China materials ETF will profit from a growing economy. Temporary setbacks in the growth of the Chinese economy may have substantial consequences for this materials ETF. 

But as long as the long term perspective looks shiny these temporary drawbacks are the ideal entry points in my view. 

Global X China Materials ETF

This Global X China Materials ETF tracks the Solactive China Materials Index. Only stocks that are eligible to be bought by foreigners are included here. In total some 30 stocks are included in it.

The largest company is China Hongqiao Group with a weighing of 6,5%. Then follows Nine Dragons Paper Holdings with a 6% share followed by Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Co with a share of 5,5%.

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Global X China Materials ETF info:


ETF provider: Global X

Ticker: CHIM

ISIN: US37950E2422

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca