Aerospace and Defense ETF

This is an ETF full of manufacturers of weaponry. Not everyone will want to invest in this aerospace and defense ETF for obvious reasons. I will not get into discussion whether all this weaponry is needed. 

A fact of life is that aerospace and defence is a large industry. It is also a fact of life that there seems to be more instead of less global conflicts so we could speak of a growth market, whether you like it or not. 

Another component of this aerospace and defense ETF is the Aerospace industry. That is a logical combination as both industries are closely related. Satellites are often used for defense purposes and many manufacturers of aerospace technics also operate a subdivision in defense materials. 

SPDR S&P Aerospace and Defense ETF

This SPDR Aerospace and Defense ETF is tracking the S&P Aerospace & Defense Select Industry index. In total some 35 different stocks are included in this ETF. Almost all companies included are weighed evenly so there is no single company that dominates the price movement of this aerospace and defence ETF.

You will find well-known defense companies included such as Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, Rockwell Collins and General Dynamics.

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SPDR S and P Aerospace and Defence ETF info:


ETF provider: SPDR ( State Street Global Advisors)

Ticker: XAR

ISIN: US78464A6313

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca