Europe ETF

As the name indicates this Europe ETF is concentrated solely on stocks of European countries. It is made up by 100 large European companies originating of a well-balanced spread of European countries.

The Top 3 of these countries are Germany, United Kingdom and France which is no surprise of course. Just behind these Top 3 countries you will find companies from Switzerland, The Netherlands, Spain and Sweden. Just after this group of countries you will find a large group of companies coming from a wide variety of countries such Italy and Belgium.

These 100 publicly traded companies are nicely spread among market sectors. With over 25% of weight within this Europe ETF the financial sector is a little bit overweighed but all other major sectors are balanced in a proper way.

VanEck Vectors European Equal Weight UCITS ETF

The most striking feature of this Europe ETF is the decision by VanEck to make up their own regional index and not tracking an existing geographically based index.

Of course the main concern of an ETF provider is to offer ETF’s that will show a nice track record so in this respect it is a wise decision to create a regional index of their own making sure they handpick the right stocks.

I myself took a closer look at this list of companies and I must admit that it consists of an impressive list with almost all well-known multinational companies. Interesting to see is that no single company is overweighed within this regional index.

Most companies have a weight of approximately 1%. It is a physical ETF which implies that they have to buy the underlying stocks.

Dividends are being paid quarterly and you may anticipate nice dividends as the underlying stocks are all major companies that have a history in paying dividends.

My opinion is that this VanEck Vectors European Equal Weight UCITS ETF may be a better alternative of long term investors than investing in a major European market index ETF.

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VanEck Vectors European Equal Weight UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: VanEck

Ticker: TEET

ISIN: NL0010731816

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Euronext Amsterdam