India Consumer ETF

This India consumer ETF is focused on Indian companies that are active in the consumer goods industry. Of course India is a vast country with an enormous population. Besides that India is a very cheap exporting country. 

The consumer spent per capita is very low in India as a large part of the country is still extremely poor. But a steady growth is to be expected albeit not a fast growth and not one without the usual hick-ups. That being said, the demand for consumer goods in India will be growing for sure. 

Columbia India Consumer ETF

This Columbia India Consumer ETF (formerly called EGshares) is tracking the Indxx India Consumer index. About 30 shares are included with Bajaj Auto as the biggest one. Then Mothersun Sumi Systems is following just before Godrej Consumer Products. Most companies are weighed between 4% and 5%.

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Columbia India Consumer ETF info:


ETF provider: Columbia

Ticker: INCO

ISIN: US19762B7073

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca