India Infrastructure ETF

As a country India is with infrastructure way behind western economies but it is beginning to catch up. But, we will have to be honest, this catching up process is not a fast one. In the past India has had many promising years but again and again things did not materialize. 

On the other hand, India is an enormous country with a very large population. Talking about the infrastructure, there is a lot of potential in this country. In my opinion it makes perfect sense to invest in infrastructure when a country is beginning its path to growth. 

But as with many upcoming economies it will not a straight upward line of success. Bubbles, overheating and mountains of debt may be the cause of many years of delay. 

Columbia India Infrastructure ETF

This Columbia India Infrastructure ETF (formerly called EGshares) is tracking the Indxx India Infrastructure index. You will only find 30 companies include in this India infrastructure ETF.

Most companies are weighed on a 5% share. The largest ones are good for a share of a little more than 5% being Bharat Heavy Electricals, Idea Cellular and Bharti Airtel.

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Columbia India Infrastructure ETF info:


ETF provider: Columbia

Ticker: INXX

ISIN: US19762B8063

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca