Nuclear Energy ETF

Of course nuclear energy is also an alternative energy compared to oil, gas and coal. We all know that nuclear energy may be dangerous but I think that it is a mistake to say that nuclear energy would be more dangerous than oil, gas or coal.

Maybe the opposite is true. Of course, a nuclear disaster will be spectacular and hot news for months but the emissions from oil, gas and coal are a silent killer that does not make headlines but is damaging too.

But the resistance to nuclear energy is still heavy so it is most certainly not for tomorrow that nuclear energy will be on everyone’s agenda. 

VanEck Vectors Uranium + Nuclear Energy ETF

Within this nuclear ETF you will find 40 companies active in nuclear energy. We can divide them in 4 sectors: Mining of uranium, companies that build nuclear power plants, nuclear power plants themselves and ancillary companies.

The largest company included is Nextera Energy with a share of 8%. Duke Energy has almost a similar share of the ETF pie and Southern is third with a 7% share.

The US is the biggest geographical supplier in this nuclear energy ETF with a share of 70% and Japan comes in second with 20%. Then there are a number of countries, each representing a few percentages.

The United States is over-represented in this nuclear energy ETF so we have to keep an eye on how the US market evolves. It is a physical ETF so VanEck Vectors is buying the underlying shares. 

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VanEck Vectors Uranium + Nuclear Energy ETF info:


ETF provider: VanEck Vectors (Van Eck Global)

Ticker: NLR

ISIN: US92189F6016

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca