Global ETF

The term  “Global” is a bit misleading as only companies from Europe, Asia and North America are included.

VanEck Vectors Global Equal Weight UCITS ETF

VanEck has composed its proper Global ETF which includes 250 large companies from all over the world. Spread was their main aim in composing this index and its subsequent Global ETF. Stipulated is that no single continent may have a larger weight than 40% within this Global ETF.

Concerning market sectors VanEck also has made sure to obtain a balanced spread. The financial sector stands out with a 20% coverage but you will find companies from many other market sectors. The list of companies included in this Global ETF says it all.

Companies you will find in this Global ETF are Shell, Toyota, Apple, Coca Cola and Google. This VanEck Global ETF is ideally suited for long term investors.

With these large companies you may anticipate nice dividends being paid. On a yearly basis one can count on average dividends of 2% which are being paid quarterly. This VanEck Global ETF is a physical ETF so the underlying stocks are being purchased.

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VanEck Vectors Global Equal Weight UCITS ETF info:


ETF provider: VanEck

Ticker: TGET

ISIN: NL0009690221

Currency: EURO

Exchange: Euronext Amsterdam