Solar Energy ETF

This is the solar energy ETF. I myself am a true believer of solar energy. I think it is the most likely energy source of our future. Solar energy does not inhibit the dangers of nuclear energy, it does not have an impact on the landscape as wind mills have and it is useful on a large scale unlike hydro-energy.

I also have read some reports about wind energy and solar energy. With wind energy it seems as they have almost come to an end in optimizing its technology. The shapes of the wicks cannot be improved and building larger parks isn’t increasing the outcome much more.

Instead, with solar energy we can still improve a lot. Every year we are capable of getting more energy out of solar panels. Another major factor is the ability to produce better solar panels at still lower costs.

That sounds like real music to our planet and that of investors’ ears. I myself expect that in a few years’ time we will be able to build homes and offices that have solar panels incorporated in their structures.

Also looking at maintenance issues does solar energy seems to have an advantage over wind energy. Building a wind mill is one thing, but how will we be able to service these wind mills in 10 to 20 years.

It involves working on heights and when we are talking about wind mill parks at salty seas the picture only gets more grim. So, to be clear on this, I am a big fan of a solar energy ETF. 

Guggenheim Solar ETF

This Guggenheim Solar ETF is tracking the MAC Global Solar Energy Index. You will find stocks of over 30 companies included and of course they all are more or less active in the solar energy business.

But you will also find companies included that are making money from supplying energy that has been generated through solar energy.

The largest company in this solar energy ETF is First Solar, weighed at 10%. Second is GCL-Poly Energy Holdings with 8% followed by Xinyi Solar Holdings with 6%.

Looking at the country spread the US is dominating here with a share of 50%. Hong Kong comes in second with 20% and China is third with 17%.

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Guggenheim Solar ETF info:


ETF provider: Guggenheim

Ticker: TAN

ISIN: US18383Q7390

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca