Times of the day to trade ETF’s

I will only trade ETF’s during 2 times on a market day. The remaining of the day I will use to follow all economic news and data and prepare myself for the trades ahead.

At European exchanges I will trade between 11.00 and 14.00. At American exchanges I trade between 17.00 and 20.00 (Amsterdam –Paris time zone). The exact time of trading depends on what is happening in the markets.

The time frames of trading are picked with intent as I want to wait and see what the trend of the day is going to be so I will never trade at the opening hour of exchanges.

Followers of my transactions always have enough time to make their trades and to ponder their decisions whether to enter this trade or not.

When you will receive emails

Buying ETF’s is always done by hand, it is not an automated trading tool. You will be sent an email within half an hour of my buying transaction.

Selling of ETF’s for the short term will go through limit orders I have set. The reason I will set limit selling orders is that the intended selling price may be only tipped for a short time and with so many positions it would be impossible to handle it manually.

So I will always notice in hindsight that a selling transaction has been made. Between 11.00 en 14.00 you may expect emails with short term sales of ETF’s that took place in the morning at European exchanges and in the evening of American exchanges.

Between 17.00 and 20.00 you will receive emails with short term sales that took place in the afternoon of European and American exchanges. This means that it will not always be possible to act upon short term sales emails as these exchanges may be closed by then.

But in practice that is not a problem as I stipulate with every short term purchase the expected return at which price I will sell automatically.

So you may calculate by yourself what your return would be when you would purchase this ETF as you would sell it for the same price as I will. You have all the freedom to follow my selling price and also put this in as a limit selling order or follow it up manually.

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