History of Lyxor ETF’s

Lyxor is the number 2 provider of ETF’s in Europe. It is also the longest active provider of ETF’s in Europe. Today Lyxor has offices around the world but the emphasis of Lyxor is on European and Asian markets.

They also have an office in New York, but there the competition is stiff with other major players dominating the ETF market. Here we will get into the history of Lyxor and we will also share the major characteristics of the Lyxopr company.

Lyxor Asset management and Societe Generale Group

Lyxor ETF is part of Lyxor Asset Management, an investment firm with more than 90 Billion Euro assets under management. In the world of investing that is a sizable amount of money managed but in the global world of investment firms, giants like BlackRock or Vanguard are of a completely other order.

Lyxor Asset Management is a 100% subsidiary of the French Société Générale Group, a large financial company going back to the 19th century and headquartered in Paris Nanterre. They were one of 3 banks that financed the building of the Eiffel tower in 1886.

Today Société Generale is a global financial player and Lyxor ETF is only considered a small part of the company albeit a fast growing and profitable business asset.

Lyxor European pioneer in ETF’s

Lyxor may be considered as the company that paved the way for ETF’s in Europe. As early as 2000 they introduced an ETF on the CAC 40. That was even before the company was named Lyxor ETF, the first days of ETF creation were done under the banner of Lyxor Asset Management.

In the beginning Lyxor focused its attention on creating European ETF’s but Asian and US orientated ETF’s followed quickly. In 2005 they offered specific Chinese and East European ETF’s aimed at improving their regional market share.

Lyxor ETF Research Academy

In 2014 Lyxor added a new feature to its core business in developing new ETF’s and managing existing ones. With the ETF Research Academy Lyxor ETF tries to keep ahead of new developments in the ETF market. The ETF Research Academy is a joint initiative of Lyxor ETF and the Université Paris-Dauphine House of Finance.

Researchers from all corners of the world are brought together to discuss the evolution of the ETF market. The aim for Lyxor is evident, the want to grow their ETF business and they want to stay ahead of new developments.

Lyxor ETF today and tomorrow

The market share of Lyxor ETF is about 10% of the global ETF market. In Europe its market share is larger (although no exact figures are available right now). Lyxor ETF claims to be second in Europe.

In total Lyxor offers approximately 230 ETF’s to its global customers. They are particularly strong in European market sectors such as the Lyxor STOXX Europe 600 ETF’s which is divided among many sub-sectors such as Retail, Healthcare and Media ETF’s.

Large in synthetic ETF’s

The split between physical and synthetic ETF’s is about 50/50 at Lyxor. They have grown considerably in creating synthetic ETF’s. From the beginning Lyxor ETF has been a real innovator in the market.

The same goes for improvements in efficiency which impacts expenses and incurred costs for ETF customers. Lyxor wants to attract new investors with the creation of new physical and synthetic ETF’s.

They use synthetic ETF’s to be able to cater to specific need of specific groups of customers. Asset allocation is an important issue with investors and through the creation of new niche ETF’s they can provide this.

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