Binck ETF

Is Binck the right broker to trade your ETF’s? The answer is yes, but there are some points to consider. Here I will share the most important pros and cons of Binck as an ETF broker.

Pros of Binck as an ETF broker

When trading ETF’s it is important to be able to trade the right ETF’s suited to your needs. Other things that matter are a fine trading platform, low spreads and low fees. Is Binck providing these things?

Strong company with a banking license

If you are looking for a secure broker that is handling your money without the less possible risk then Binck will be one of your best picks. Binck has a banking license that gives an insurance of up to € 100.000,- when Binck should go bankrupt. But that scenario is not to be expected as Binck is a strong company with a lot of backing.

One of the finest trading platforms for ETF’s

Binck offers a state of the art trading platform with lots of graphs and insights. You can easily switch to background information and opinions of advisors. Moreover Binck offers a wide variety of popular and niche ETF’s from many ETF providers. So as an ETF investor you will have nothing to complain on this point.

Cons of Binck as an ETF broker

As with any broker Binck also has some weaknesses that may be important to you. It depends on your personal way of trading whether you must let these cons guide your decisions.

Relatively high costs and fees

Binck is not a cheap broker. Compared to some discount brokers Binck charges much higher commissions. When you are a high volume ETF trader or one that trades in large amounts this will have an impact on your results.

Do I favor Binck as an ETF trader?

Yes I do. The high level of security concerning my money and trades gives them an edge over other brokers. I hold large positions with Binck that I do not expect to get in and out fast. Sometimes the higher fees are no problem at all and I also love the platform they offer for me as an ETF investor.

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