China Technology ETF

With this China technology ETF we are talking about information technology or simply put, investing into the internet. Talking about a growth sector, this sector is an obvious one. In upcoming countries like China the internet has made a huge impact. 

I still expect a continuous growth for information technology and that most certainly applies for China. The Asian people just have a love crush for technology and doing online business. 

The large distances in China makes online buying and communication the logic way of interacting with each other. Another point of consideration is that many off line shopping malls have not come to the level of sophistication we are used to in the western countries. 

So in China they are just skipping the decades of fun off line shopping we all have experienced and they plunge right away in the online world. Especially the young generation is conquering the online world in China. 

Without any doubt this market will grow significantly still in the coming years, but not without some bubbles and disappointments ahead. 

Guggenheim China Technology ETF

This Guggenheim China technology ETF is tracking the AlphaShares China Technology Index.

About 75 companies are included of which Alibaba is the dominating one with a share of 20% (no big surprise here). Tencent Holdings comes in second with a 10% share. Baidu is third with 6%.

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Guggenheim China Technology ETF info:


ETF provider: Guggenheim

Ticker: CQQQ

ISIN: US18383Q1351

Currency: Dollar

Exchange: NYSE Arca