Binck started its broker business back in 2000. At the dawn of the internet age Binck forecasted that online trading and investing would become a big hit. And they were right obviously. Today Binck is the largest broker in The Netherlands and Belgium and they have expanded to France and Italy too.

With more than 200.000 customers and almost 4 million transactions a year they have grown from a very small online broker to a publicly traded broker and bank.

Why trading with Binck?

Binck is not the cheapest broker out there, that is one thing we will have to admit. But maybe it is the best broker with regard to its trading platform, customer service and reliability. As Binck is offering its service under the banner of an official banking license customers get a lot of peace of mind while trading with Binck.

The money out in the brokers account is covered by the guarantees of banks (you will get your money back up to € 100.000,- when Binck should go bankrupt).

Great trading platform

Binck offers a state of art trading platform with a lot of options, charts and real-time price information of all the products they offer. You can easily trade through all devices (their mobile app works great) and you will get overviews of your portfolios with returns made in different timelines.

Another strong characteristic of its trading platform is the investment advice by specialist. Per share you will get an overview of all buy or sell advices by a bunch of advisors. Of course you will decide your own strategy but sometimes these buy, hold or sell advices may just give you the insights you were looking for.

Not the cheapest broker around

At the start of the company in 2000 Binck was much cheaper than other brokers, especially the banks themselves. But in the course of the years that followed Binck acquired other assets, they went public, opened larger offices and they have grown to a mature status.

That also has had an effect on the fees they incur. Today Binck is not a cheap broker anymore. They offer great service, almost no risk and the best online ordering platform but they are not cheap.

Would I trade with Binck?

Yes I would (and I do). I trade my large positions through Binck, especially when I foresee that I do not have to get in and out of trades frequently I rely on Binck.

When you are looking for a broker that could handle your day-trading then I would go for another broker but with longer holdings they are perfect. Besides they are very reliable in holding the money you have on the sidelines.

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