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Latest update: 26-10-2021 19:31

I constantly follow all the stock market news. I only post here the stock market news that really sets stock markets in motion.

In good spirits. Investors have no eye for problems or risks. Anything positive is used to buy. At the moment, it is mainly better-than-expected company figures that are leading the way.

Tonight after the stock market (US) a number of important tech companies will come with figures. Including Microsoft, Alphabet (Google) and Twitter. The expectations of these companies are very high. So let's see if they can make it happen.

Investors currently have a very short-term focus. The earnings season can go well. But on Thursday we get the ECB and next week the FED.

That FED meeting could turn out to be a historic twist. From more than 10 years of stimulating more and more to a little less. If I look at those high stock markets, sometimes even all-time highs, then investors have no fear at all.

Strange because trading against central banks never ends well. There is certainly no attention for increasing corona problems and the American debt ceiling that must be arranged before December. It is investing with the issues of the day.

The gold and silver price

The gold price was shocked this afternoon by American consumer confidence. US consumers appeared to have become a little more positive in October.

Gold investors translate this into the economy is doing better, which means that the FED can intervene more vigorously. This put gold down and silver followed in the superlative.

If more positive consumers also start to buy more, inflation will also rise faster. But they didn't pay attention to that just yet. It is also remarkable that gold and silver did have a negative reaction to consumer confidence, but stock markets did not.

Gold and silver may remain volatile ahead of next Wednesday's FED meeting. Only after Wednesday will we know how the FED sees it and what the FED might do. Then the uncertainty is gone.

What then remains is inflation that will remain high for a long time to come and probably limited action by the FED. Enough to start gold and silver on a sustained rise. More red than green in mining stocks.


Another new all-time high. As if central banks no longer exist. For years, investors bought in the wake of central banks.

And now that central banks are recovering (the ECB is already buying less bonds), investors remain on the sky is the limit.

For tomorrow, the tech heavy AEX will depend on the figures that American tech companies come up with tonight. Ultimately, the ECB and the FED will determine the position of the AEX.

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