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Latest update: 14-06-2021 20:03

I constantly follow all the stock market news. I only post here the stock market news that really sets stock markets in motion.

Pending the FED. Another day with little stock market news. In April, industrial production in the eurozone rose by 0.8% on a monthly basis. That's nice, but no reason to worry about the economy overheating.

With corona, the positive news of more available vaccines and more vaccinations and fewer corona cases continues to dominate worldwide.

Here and there some setbacks with the Indian variant. But all in all, the light at the end of the tunnel is shining more and more.

Investors took a wait-and-see attitude today. One stock market up a bit and the other a bit down. However, there is no question of choosing a direction. After Wednesday (the FED) we will only know where we really stand.

The gold and silver price

Here the fear of the FED prevails. Not that an interest rate hike is expected. But whether the FED will say anything about interest rate hikes in the future. I'm actually quite happy with today's somewhat lower gold and silver prices.

I always like to see investors cautiously moving towards an event like the FED. The chance of a windfall is then much greater. With euphoria and rapidly rising prices towards an important event often goes wrong. With the mining stocks pluses and minuses.


A nice start to the day. But during the day to give up something. To finally be able to end the day with a new record. Again the power was lacking.

Not being able to hold on to the morning profit and an eventual increase of only 0.22% are proof of that. Tomorrow and for the AEX also Wednesday are still before the FED days. To know where we are, we have to wait for Thursday.

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