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Latest update: 14-10-2019 18:50

I constantly follow all the stock market news. Only the stock market news that really sets the stock market in motion I post here.

There is no deal at all. On Friday, Trump said he had a first-phase deal with China. Various Chinese state media, however, have denied that. According to the Chinese, only a few subjects have been mentioned that they would like to discuss further.

In exchange for this, the Americans refrain this week from increasing the import rate from 25% to 30%. In addition, the Chinese also demand that new import tariffs do not take effect in December.

However, Steven Mnuchin, the US finance minister, said today that those December rates will simply take effect if there is still no deal. He also gives confirmation that there is no deal yet.

There is a lot of trade hope all year round. However, the facts are different. 

The Americans must always admit something to stay in conversation and to be able to sell the story a little hopefully to the financial markets. However, Trump needs at least an agricultural deal to win the presidential election.

The Chinese will now see Trump as too difficult to do business with. They bet on a new president. Trump is stuck.

Giving the Chinese their way and turning everything back will not be understanded by his followers. With even more import tariffs coming and the American economy is rapidly declining. You won't win a presidential election with that either.

Maintaining the current situation and complaining about the Chinese is perhaps the best middle ground. That is why I do not expect a major trade deal between China and the US this year or even next year.

Talk about trade wars. The Americans today received the latest documents from the WTO to charge the EU with import tariffs on Friday. The EU has already indicated that it will immediately also come with import tariffs.

We have to wait and see what the Americans will do. But there is a good chance that those American import tariffs on a number of products will come. Then we are also in a trade war.

Economically there was also news today. Chinese exports fell by 3.2% on an annual basis in September. For imports on an annual basis a decrease of 8.5%. It is not going well there. That export decline is still understandable, American import rates and cooling down of the world economy.

However, this fall in imports indicates that the domestic Chinese economy is also in trouble. Industrial production in the eurozone rose slightly on a monthly basis in August.

On an annual basis and this I lift much more heavily at a decrease of 2.8%. Economic figures remain moderate to poor. More central bank support will be needed. With the brexit it remains to be seen.

The gold and silver price

Now that there appears to be no trade deal, the gold and silver prices are rising again. Tomorrow can be an interesting day. Then there are 4 large American banks with numbers. Perhaps then we will gain a little more insight into those problems in the repo market. The gold mine and silver mine stocks in which I invest today, on average, are again in the plus.


Poor economic figures from China and the EU. In addition, a trade deal that turns out not to be a deal. Then we get away very well with that small decline today. Has everything to do with the earnings season.

Just before the season, it makes little sense to sell. If the figures are not so bad, you will immediately regret it. We are now waiting for the earnings season.

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